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Knowing how to market your properties is one the first thing to note before venturing into real estate business in Nigeria.

Many times, people jump into a particular business just because they heard that it’s a lucrative one, they jump in without proper plan.

As a real estate agent, you only make money when you sell a property, and you can’t sell without a good marking plan.

If you are planning on starting a real estate business as an agent or property consultant, then you need to read this to the end to get the tips on how to to market your properties.

Market Your Properties With These Channels

✳ Content writing
I know you will be surprised to hear that content writing is one of the tips on how to market your properties, yes content they say is still king.

If you can afford to create a blog good but if you don’t have the initial capital for blog creation then make use of forum websites like Nairaland, just register and create a topic around real estate, write articles that revolves around properties and make sure that at the end include that you can help people buy or rent property in a particular location in Nigeria.

✳ Social media presence
You cannot be a property agent and you don’t have social media accounts, how to market your properties on social media is very simple and free,

What you need to start on social media: Facebook business page
Instagram business account
Twitter, just by making an engaging post on your social media handle will increase your revenue.

✳ Classified ads
Use of classified ads website will really boost your earnings as a realtor, just create your free account with some these classified website we have here in Nigeria. Eg.,,

The good thing about using this method is that is free service however, some of them have paid package where you will spend little token and get more ad views.

✳ Youtube Videos
You don’t need to be a professional YouTuber for you to do this, just google on how to create a YouTube channel  and is free to create a YouTube account.

When you visit the site of the property you want sell make a video of the property with your mobile phone, about 1 – 2 minutes of length that will capture all the information about the property then add your contact before posting to your YouTube channel.

✳ Word of mouth
Off cause you know that speaking to people around about what you do will also increase your revenue.

With these tips, how to market your properties will not be a difficult task to you any longer, just apply professionalism in whatever you do.

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